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Balance Your Hormones 101

In this 4 week course you will learn how to build delicious, healthy meals to balance your hormones, boost your energy, regulate your period, optimize your fertility, and feel amazing in your body!

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Does This Sound Like You?

I've been trying to get pregnant but it hasn’t happened yet and I’m starting to feel anxious…

I get terrible cramps every time I get my period and can’t function unless I take pain killers (but sometimes even those don’t work)...

My period is super unpredictable and it’s freaking me out…

I know I need to make a change for my health but I’m so overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice out there that I don’t even know where to start…

I’m planning on trying to get pregnant in the next year and I’m really nervous it’s going to be hard…

I've been struggling with my weight and it's affecting my confidence. I've tried every diet out there but nothing helps

I was diagnosed with PCOS and I’m worried about how it will affect my fertility and overall health… 

I want to get healthier but I’m a total sugar addict and can’t imagine ever cutting it out. 

If yes, then you’re in the right place!

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Hi, I'm Lauren!

I'm a recovering sugar addict turned holistic health coach. My health journey began when I was 24 years old, after I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) after struggling to get pregnant. After being told by my doctor that there was nothing I could do other than start fertility treatments, I started researching other ways to treat PCOS. I came across tons of stories of women who healed their PCOS through changing their diets. I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything. And even though I didn't have high hopes, in just 2 months of changing my diet, I fell pregnant naturally. But that wasn't all. My eczema disappeared, I had more energy, less stomach aches, and said goodbye to bloating. My chronic sinus issues disappeared and I started sleeping like a baby. My anxiety decreased and my mood was so much better.

I couldn't believe how much my life had improved just by changing my diet. And I couldn't understand why I waited until I was 24 years old to learn all of this. My experience inspired me to get certified as a nutrition coach and now I specialize in using an evidence-based, whole foods approach to managing hormonal disorders and women's health issues.

I believe food is more than just a means to feed our bodies; food is sacred. It can and should be enjoyed. Food is also medicine- it can change the course of illness or disease and help us feel like our healthiest and happiest selves. I'm here to help you learn how to eat your way to better health, while enjoying each bite along the way.

Why Balance Your Hormones?

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Women are in the midst of hormonal imbalance epidemic! It's estimated that 84% of women experience painful cramping during their periods. 1 in 8 couples are struggling to conceive. Up to 40% of women experience PMS, and up to 23% of women are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I could go on and on. 

This is not happening because women have all of a sudden developed faulty genetics.

Our modern diets and lifestyles that are filled with processed foods, constant stress, lack environmental toxins, and nonstop stress are causing hormonal chaos. And that hormonal chaos causes all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, including but not limited to:

            Irregular periods


            Weight Gain



            Mood swings








            + more!

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Unfortunately, oftentimes when women seek relief from these symptoms, they're dismissed, told it’s just "normal," or given a prescription for pills that don't get to the root cause of their issues.


But these symptoms are NOT normal and you don’t need to be stuck living with them!


“I took this course because we were dealing with secondary infertility and recurrent miscarriage. I had no idea that my fertility could be connected to my diet until I found your instagram page. A few months after taking your course I got pregnant and we welcomed our baby boy last month! I don’t have enough words to thank you!!" 




“I’ve been eating so much healthier for a month now since your course and I’m feeling really great! My husband even says I’m much less moody LOL! And I have lost 10 pounds! It’s wild!”


I can't begin to tell you the impact of your course. I wanted to be in physical shape to do fertility treatments if I'd end up needing them... but I thought maybe this can happen for me naturally. With so much gratitude I am glad to share that I got pregnant again NATURALLY on the 3rd cycle after making these changes! Thank you so much!



"I just went to my gynecologist to follow up after finding out about my PCOS and she was so proud of me for all the nutrition changes I've been doing. Then she checked my labs and was in shock by my progress! Thank you so much!!!


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What You'll Receive In
Balance Your Hormones 101

  • 12 pre-recorded video lessons that teach you all you need to know in order to balance your hormones:
  • Module 1: Balance Your Blood Sugar
  • Module 2: Balance Your Gut Microbiome
  • Module 3: Reduce Your Inflammation
  • Module 4: Balancing Your Estrogen
  • Over 50 Pages of PDF lesson summaries
  • Weekly Goal Setting Sheets
  • Hormone Healthy Meal Plans for with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Access to the program for 1 year

A Sneak Peek Of What's Inside


Balance Your Blood Sugar

  • What are sugar and carbs?

  • How to get off the blood sugar rollercoaster

  • How to reverse insulin resistance

  • How to read food labels

  • Practical strategies to balance your blood sugar

  • Top tips for beating a sugar addiction


Boost Your Gut Health

  • How the gut microbiome affects our hormones, cycles, and fertility

  • The gut-brain connection and mental health

  • How to eat fiber to boost gut health

  • How to eat probiotics for gut health

  • Practical tips and habits to boost your gut health


Reducing Inflammation

  • How does chronic inflammation affect our energy, cycles, and fertility?

  • How inflammation affects skin, weight, and mood

  • What's causing inflammation in the body?

  • What foods help reduce inflammation?

  • How stress reduction can reduce inflammation


Balance Your Estrogen

  • How should our hormones fluctuate throughout the month

  • How to eat during the different phases of our cycle

  • How to help our body detoxify old, used hormones

  • The role of protein in supporting healthy hormones

  • How birth control can impact your hormones

I'm In
Don't Miss This Bonus!
Live Coaching Sessions with Lauren!
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Sign up before March 10th, 2024 to receive:
  • An additional LIVE four-60 minute group coaching sessions to help you uncover the blocks behind what’s holding you back in meeting your health goals

  • Support and tips to help you integrate all your learning into applicable action steps so you can make changes that actually yield results

  • Group support to share your wins and challenge

  • Recordings of the call so you can focus and don't have to take notes (access for 12 months)


The Balance Your Hormones 101 live group coaching sessions will take place on Sunday’s at 12:00 pm EST, 7:00 pm IST (recordings will be sent out within 24 hours if you can't make it live) on:

  • July 28th 

  • August 4th

  • August 11th

  • August 18th 

Anchor 1- reserve your spot


One time pay


Pay in full to save $50!

Two-Month Plan


Buy now and pay monthly

New: Balance Your Hormones 101:
VIP Premium Track

Includes everything in the Balance Your Hormones Premium track, PLUS:
  • Two individual 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me to help you come up with a completely personalized meal and lifestyle plan to help you meet your goals.

    Note: This is the ONLY way I work with people in a 1-on-1 capacity outside of my regular 1-on-1 coaching program.



This track is for women who:

  • Thrive when given individualized support

  • Accomplish their goals best when they're held personally accountable

  • Have a specific diagnosis, food intolerances, or condition that requires a specialized plan beyond the general info that will be given throughout the rest of the course


Note: Spots in this track are very limited! First come first serve.


Balance Your Hormones 101- VIP track

One time pay


Pay in full to save $50!

Two-Month Plan


Buy now and pay monthly

Six-Month Plan


Buy now and pay monthly

Note: spots are extremely limited!
First come, first serve!

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It is my deepest belief that...

Women deserve to understand and feel good in their bodies. As our modern lifestyle continues to evolve in ways that create more obstacles for our hormones and fertility to thrive, women need to take their health into their own hands now more than ever. 


Enroll now to transform your health, your fertility, your hormones, and your life. 

I can't wait to see you there!

Wishing you health and happiness,


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