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Getting Pregnant Naturally With PCOS

When I was 16 years old I was by chance diagnosed with PCOS. I didn't think much of it at the time because I was 16 and cared a lot more about who had a crush on who, the latest fashion trends, and getting into college.


Flash forward a few years and I'm married, trying to have a baby and not seeing any positive results. I figured I'd give it 6 months until going to see a fertility specialist. Along the way I was following Lauren on Instagram and kept seeing these wild stories of women who altered their eating habits and defied all medical predictions and got pregnant naturally. When 6 months were up, I booked an appointment and found myself sitting in a doctor's office, unsurprisingly being told that if I wanted to have a baby I'd need medical treatments. There was something deep inside me that kept on telling me that I could prove the doctor wrong, I just needed to call Lauren. I was tired of feeling like a passive player in my fertility journey, so I reached out to Lauren and she made it clear that I could absolutely take an active role, and there was a good chance I’d be able to get pregnant naturally. My husband agreed, and we decided to give it 6 months trying Lauren's program. 


While waiting for the first session with Lauren I was under the impression that I would immediately have to go gluten, sugar and dairy free and would have headaches, mood swings, energy crashes - but I told myself it would all be worth it. The reality could not have been more different. The meal plan, while very different from how I had been eating, was not overly restrictive, and focused much more on what I SHOULD eat as opposed to what foods to cut out entirely. While it was challenging at times, it sounded a lot more difficult than it actually was, mainly because I was feeling so good! Almost immediately after starting the program I saw a major increase in my energy levels, minor weight loss and clearer skin. 


In each session with Lauren I learned something new, and was able to understand how each food and supplement was affecting my body. Discussing fertility is such a delicate and personal matter, and unfortunately there are too many professionals who don't address it with the sensitivity people struggling to get pregnant need. Lauren, unsurprisingly, takes a very different approach. Everything I said was heard, and Lauren always offered support with kindness and empathy. 

After just 4 months of eating differently, I was pregnant - without a single fertility treatment involved. 


For anyone struggling with infertility, it’s important to know that there may be other options for you beside the classical medical route. It’s very possible there are things you can do, like lifestyle changes, to take control of your fertility.  

-Rachel, One-On-One Coaching Client


Managing Endometriosis without Medication

I reached out to Lauren because I had been dealing with the worst pain from endometriosis since I had been a teenager. I was put on birth control by my doctor because there was no other way to deal with the pain. 

Before Lauren and I started working together, I was expecting to get a long list of "No's"and I was prepared to start suffering for the sake of my health. Instead, working with her, I learnt how to build a balanced meal, what all the "yes's" should be and how to feel full.

Within weeks I was feeling so much better. Feeling so good gave me motivation to continue, and when I had the one cookie or the ice cream, Your attitude of reminding me consistency is more important than perfection really helped me not fall back into old habits and keep a positive mindset. I am so grateful to you for giving me the tools and information to succeed. I really feel like our work is maintainable, and I will be able to keep eating mindfully and healthily for the long term.

A few months after we started working together, I went off medication and birth control and I was OK!

In the days leading up to and during my periods, I only need to take advil once or twice!

Nothing stronger and not more often!

Oh, and also your recipes are so yummy, and I don’t feel like I'm missing out or eating like a crazy person. Thank you Lauren!!

-Chani, One-On-One Coaching Client

No Longer Afraid of My PCOS

I found out I had PCOS just two weeks before starting with Lauren. I was struggling with a 92 day cycle, weight gain that was hard to take off, debilitating exhaustion, and I was struggling mentally with the lack of control I had over my body. I was terrified of the unknown, specifically in regards to my future fertility journey, and I had no idea what was going on in my body. Lauren was supportive and validated and addressed all my concerns regarding my PCOS. Lauren broke down everything for me to understand so that when I embarked on my health journey I wasn’t lost. I was taught how food effected my body and hormones and how I can ultimately use food to help my PCOS. I’m so grateful to have reached many of my goals including healthily losing 12lbs, reaching a cycle of 32 days, and having increased energy. I most importantly have gained back control over my body and my health and am no longer afraid of my PCOS.

-Ariana, One-On-One Coaching Client

Pregnant Naturally After Failed Fertility Treatments

PCOS can be overwhelming... thats the key though, it CAN be but it doesn't HAVE to be; the Lauren Allen's of the world make that possible. Personally, I always felt in tune with my body from a young age and knew that something was off, so after months of trying to conceive then getting diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 26, it just clicked.

Being the stubborn perfectionist that I am, I of course took a deep dive into the world of PCOS and started to understand everything I could possibly find out from my doctors, social media and research. My lifestyle changes slowly made me feel better on the day to day to a point where I saw major improvements, but I was still unable to get pregnant.

10 months into my journey I had started sharing my experience with friends and received a glowing recommendation to have a consultation with Lauren as she was known to be the "queen" of PCOS infertility. I took the leap after two medicated rounds of fertility treatments did not work and and we started meeting once a week. The amount of power I felt through the knowledge I was provided by Lauren was immeasurable. For me, Lauren geared our sessions toward using the things I already knew, adding in her own comments, recommendations and support, then helped me integrate and fine tune everything into my life in a non stressful way. A bit more than a month went by and I found myself feeling, behaving and understanding the best I ever had, mentally and physically.

My time with Lauren flew by and I felt more confident in myself than ever before. During one of our last meetings, I was able to share the most exciting news of my life with the person who helped get me there. I am pregnant and could not be more grateful to have had this experience with Lauren's guidance and support! Now I too cannot recommend her and thank her enough for teaching me a new way of living with PCOS and helping me feel superior to my diagnosis.

-Sarah, One-On-One Coaching Client


Mastering Menopause at 55

Before the age of 55, I never had a problem shedding those few extra pounds that went up and down. There did come a point that those pounds wouldn’t budge and I started to gain more weight, even though I was eating the same as I always did for years. I was frustrated and down. I guessed that my problem was just that as I have reached menopause. After working with Lauren, I learned so much about my eating habits. I thought I was eating healthy foods and habits, but it turned out I was focused on the wrong things. I had always thought reducing calories was the key to weight loss and it had worked well in the past! But Lauren taught me that balancing my blood sugar and eating healthy fats were much more important. It was enlightening to learn all of my wrong choices and quickly adapted new choices and lost my desired weight! Not only did I lose the weight, but it's the first time I've done so while feeling FULL and satisfied! All diets I had done before left me starving and miserable. I feel lighter and healthier than I ever have. I even started sleeping better at night and had more energy as well. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and loved every minute! Lauren is patient, understanding and compassionate all while being professional and knowledgeable. I recommend Lauren for those struggling with menopausal weight gain! She helped me achieve my goal!

-Sari R, One-On-One Coaching Client

My Miracle Fertility Story at 37

I have always struggled with unhealthy eating habits and was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism in my 20's. Now in my late 30's, I had been trying to get pregnant and had done a few rounds of treatments but nothing had worked. I deeply wanted a baby and figured I needed to do something differently. I signed up for Balance Your Hormones 101 and learned how to make major changes to my eating habits. I started eating 3 nutritious meals a day instead of sometimes skipping meals or eating junk foods for breakfast. Then I signed up for 1-on-1 sessions with Lauren to get more support. For the first time in years, my period started to become more regular, I was sleeping well, and had much more energy. I lost a little weight too! I thought I would only do this to help the treatments work, so I was absolutely shocked when I got pregnant NATURALLY at age 37 while taking a break from treatments!! I didn't even think this was possible! Thank you Lauren for all your help!

-Anonymous, Group Workshop Member and

One-On-One Coaching Client

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