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I consider myself to be pretty health conscious and a healthy eater, but I wanted to learn more about how to balance my hormones through my diet. Lauren shares so much knowledge in a really easy to understand way that helps you have "a-ha!" moments in every session. While I was already eating pretty healthy, I learned how to more consistently balance my diet and within 8 weeks my whole mindset around healthy eating had shifted. I barely crave unhealthy foods anymore, and I feel like I've fully adopted a new, balanced outlook on how to consistently eat healthy while also not denying myself or feeling bad about what I eat. I also feel I'm now armed with the knowledge I need to be healthy before and during pregnancy. Lauren was a pleasure to work with and learn from!

-Olivia, One-On-One Coaching Client

I’m 28 years young, and I’ve struggled with weight and food my entire life. I’ve seen countless nutritionists, tried this diet and that diet, and would always end up in the same place - hopeless and out of control with my food intake. And then Lauren came into the picture, and the whole game changed. Patient, brilliant, accommodating, knowledgeable and up to date on the latest research, and kind, are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of my time working with Lauren. From the get go, Lauren asked what I wanted from our sessions together. The most important thing to me was learning about how food effects my body, from blood sugar levels to hormonal balance. Each session, Lauren taught me everything I wanted to know and more, in a clear and concise way. She helped me come up with creative ways to stay mindful and willing to eat healthy, Whole Foods, as to help my body function optimally. I’m now more confident in and loving towards my body, I understand what I need to feel whole and healthy, and I’m just so grateful. Lauren is much more than a nutrition coach, she’s also an incredible educator and deeply passionate about her work.
I could go on and on. Thank you, Lauren- for restoring my faith in myself and my ability to take my power back regarding food, and for educating me and walking me through this sensitive topic.

-Mandi Frenkel, One-On-One Coaching Client

My experience with Lauren can be described in three words: Empowering, fulfilling and effective. I came to Lauren after ten months of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, in which I developed terrible eating habits. Working from home and having very little structure to my day meant that I was often missing meals, and when I would eat my choices were almost exclusively junk food. I am a thin person by nature, but after months of abuse even I had lost my muscle mass and gotten flabby. With Lauren's guidance, I was able to literally re-learn how to eat healthy and make the most of everything that I put into my mouth. Her positive approach and demeanor made all the difference, since we focused on little wins rather than big failures. Over time, I was able to develop truly powerful habits that have transformed how I approach food. I feel so empowered to choose what I put in my body, and thanks to Lauren I have been choosing to eat nourishing food and improve my diet. Overall, I have (healthily and intentionally) gained several kilos, gotten back to the gym, eradicated my sugar addiction and significantly improved my energy levels. I am so grateful to Lauren and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to get healthy!

-Max Bernstein, One-On-One Coaching Client

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Lauren! Throughout the whole process Lauren was patient and informative, and together we set science based nutritional goals that fit my needs. Lauren was always available for any question or concern I had and would immediately follow up. With Lauren's help I gained knowledge and tools for giving me and my family a healthier lifestyle!

-T. W., One-On-One Coaching

Lauren has such a depth of knowledge from both her own learning and personal experience but she breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand and practical. This lifestyle change is not easy at all. I've tried It before and hated It. Mostly because I wasn't seeing the benefits as soon as I wanted, but more importantly because I didn't truly understand what was going on. I definitely have a better understanding now. She makes everything so clear and really impacts your life for the better!


S. E., Group Workshop Member


Lauren is unique in what she does because her goal for her clients is purely about being healthy and feeling good and happy in their own bodies. She empowered me to recognize the importance of real inner health and helped me steer away from the unhealthy thoughts of negative body image that had been engrained in me from society. She is also so relatable and she made me feel so comfortable sharing any information that I wanted to discuss with her. All the nutrition information taught was so comprehendible. She used so many applicable examples and metaphors to deepen my understanding of the information being taught. I really feel like I now have the knowledge about what happens in my body when I treat it nicely and feed it nutrient filled foods. I overall feel so much better physically, emotionally and mentally since I started sessions with Lauren. She’s so knowledgeable and amazing at what she does.

-Hannah Bach, One-On-One Coaching Client

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